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america. a group is here, walking and cleaning up from maryland all the way to san francisco, california. keeping our waterways and highways clean. that's good stuff because we need clean waterways. >> can you do the back of my car? >> so, they have a lot of good information to tell us. we also have a great segment, girls getaways. i was looking at some of these. they are talking about the eastern shore and hyatt. i'm thinking about a girls getaway for myself. >> weekend getaway? >> yes. >> good deal. megan is away. she's getting weighed in now. at brick dies. she'll have the results tomorrow morning. >>> today's hot topic. do you spank your child? a new study says parents who do spank their children may be doing more harm than good. a leading doctors' group says what -- whacking kids on the backside can backfire. >> reporter: there's a time-honored phrase that says spare the rod spoil the child but a new study from the american academy of pediatrics suggests that corporal punishment may actually increase aggressive behavior. a survey of 2,500 mothers in the may issue of the journal ped
of "newsweek" magazine out today it says "america's back." we have a classic disconnect. we hear numbers out of wall street, we see covers of magazines like that, people watching at home, millions of people in the grips of unemployment and poor financial times wondering when they are going to see some of this. >> that is the key question. far be it to me to seem unpatriotic, but growth is going to depend on the u.s. consumer. unemployment still remains very, very high. we are going to hear a lot from corporate america about how much money cooperations made. they have done well. that is why the stock market is up. they have done well because of productivity gains. they fired a lot of people in 2008 and 2009. they found they can do more with less. the question is when they get back to hiring. >> this is why we turn to you. thank you, as always. >>> in washington tonight, 47 world leaders have gathered for a summit on the most serious of topics, nuclear security and the worry and instability that can come from knowing, fearing some nuclear materials could be out there loose. our chief white hou
and personal topics. >>> kevin uebanks is leaving jay leno, after 18 years of leading america into commercial breaks he says he wants to finish a song. he says it's time for a career change but didn't say what the change would be. he said "the tonight show" was a wonderful experience. he became musical director after bradford marsalis left in 1995. >>> a plan to save the city money saves jobs. >> but costs you. new proposed fees. >> new taxes and new fees to balance the baltimore city budget. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, i'll tell but some parking fees you need to know about. >> plus, a shocking statement from the vatican number two man about priests abusing young boys. >> and a rough day at the ballpark. not just on the field. michael phelps may have been there but it was not pretty. >> officers say one thing but it's hard to argue with what you see in front of you. just what happened at the university of maryland. Ñ >>> april 13, 15 minutes away from "good morning america" at 7:00. >> justin berk is here. >> beautiful day yesterday, 71 degrees with sun. today will be different. 45 now
, but tehran's leaders say those punishments will not stop them. tonight, why this group could be america's most important back and forth with the islamic republic yet. that's next. plus, free food. more and more chains are offering major deals to get customers in the door. before you go, there is a warning, of course, from the experts. you will hear it ahead as fox reports live tonight. eat more chicken. wondering about your retirement plan? who isn't? retirement planning is all questions... how long? how much? how soon? what if? welcome to answer city... td ameritrade's retirement center. i get planning tools, like wealth ruler. strategies. and investment ideas. and retirement experts, on the phone, when i need them. for a little help. or a lot. whether retirement is way off. or way close. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> shepard: let's get to that nuclear standoff with iran why don't we. president obama has under the pressure on the islamic government. is he pushing for another round of penalties aimed getting iran to limit controversial program. good luck with that
. ♪ >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. happy easter on this april 4th. >> happy easter, everybody. i'm sharyn alfonsi in today and today is a celebration for christians around the world. just moments ago pope benedict finished saying easter mass at st. peter's basilica and in a rare move the top cardinal addressed the pope saying the church would not be intimidated by petty gossip. we'll have a live report from the vatican in just a moment. >>> also, a prominent american priest who has some harsh criticism for the way the vatican is handling this. >>> also, tiger woods, big week for him. he's back on the golf course tomorrow, a practice round at augusta for the masters. finally will hold a press conference. he has a lot to prove on and off the course. we'll get that with a sports psychiatrist and experts on that. >> i wonder if his wife will be there. >>> a dramatic rescue in new york after a toddler falls 20 feet into the east river. her father and a stranger dive in to save her. it was caught on tape. it's a great piece of video. >>> we do begin with the vatican where pope benedict
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'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm stephanie sy in for vinita nair. >>> it is census day in america when every household is reminded to return their forms before census workers come knocking on your door. >> more than half of the forms have already been returned but that means a lot of counting yet to be done. t.j. winick has details from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and stephanie 48% of forms have not been returned so the president set an example filling out his form counting his wife and daughters plus his mother-in-law who also lives at the white house. the $15 billion census program is meant to get an accurate count of the nation's population and its racial makeup among other data. starting next month a census worker will visit each address that got a form but didn't mail it back, a time consuming but important step becse the census doesn't just determine the number of representatives in congress it also determines how federal dollars are spent. >> it's been estimated that something like $1400 per person is at stake. so, you know, add up the number of the peo
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damage with most of the blame falling on the boy scouts of america. >>> to the breaking news out of florida where an 11-year-old girl has been found alive after she had gone missing friday near a florida swamp. when they found nadya, she said, quote, i can't believe you rescued me. nbc's mark potter is live in winter springs, florida, with the story. mark, we're happy that they rescued nadya. but tell us what her condition is now. i know she was taken to the hospital for some treatment and observation. >> reporter: that's right. she's in the hospital now. she is being treated. she's being questioned by police. and those police are now telling a story of how she was found. the police chief here in winter springs says at 8:30 this morning officials got a call from a man named james king who said he had just found 11-year-old nadya blum in a deeply wooded area that has not yet been searched by police. they were able to triang late his cell phone call and pinpoint the location. it took officers more than two hours to get there. once they were notified. because the underbrush is just
, america pauses to remember the 168 lives lost in the worst act of domestic terrorism in u.s. history. now 15 years after the oklahoma city bombing, there's growing concern about a new wave of anti-government hatred like the kind that drove timothy mcveigh to mass murder. is it putting the safety of president obama at risk? perhaps the safety of all americans? i talked about the threat then and now with the man who was president at the time of the oklahoma tragedy, bill clinton. >> the other difference that the internet has exploded over these 15 years, there's a democratic president now, you were a democratic president then. but the other big difference is there's an african-american president. >> yes. and an african-american president whose father was from kenya and his mother's second husband was a muslim. and so he's had all these attacks from the birthers and others. i do think -- and he's had a lot of threats and also the members of congress have had a lot of threats against them. we had a lot of threats. i remember when that guy came from colorado and opened fire on the white house.
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him on a plane by himself to get him out of america. meanwhile the family of russian diplomats may be in line to adopt this child. live in shelby, tennessee. have we heard anything from the mother and her attorneys? >> reporter: we have not. there's several days we've been out in front of the house. the house seems untouched. there's a car that's been parked there several days, the he's ter decorations up. someone left a basket of fruit that's not been picked up. we've not heard from her or her attorney in detail. they have said in press reports the boy was violent. the question people have, did she look for help, turn to a social worker or an agency that worked out the adoption. we talked to another mother, adoptive mother who runs a support group. she also has some russian children. here is what she had to say. >> families can turn to their agency. that should be the first place they go when they are having trouble. there's support in the community if you just look for it. you know, people don't want to talk about it if they are having problems. it's scary. it's scary when you'v
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concern for some time that t.s.a. needs a broader initiative to secure america's subway systems. without a permanent leader, something large with far-reaching implications isn't going to be taken on. >> the obama administration has not yet named the third nominee, but many analysts believe to avoid another fiasco, it should come from within the ranks of the t.s.a. itself. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> chris: president obama promised to be tougher on lobbyists here in washington. we'll see how that's working out. tough time for the catholic church prompts an unusual counterpunch to the old gray lady. when you have a drug or alcohol problem, your world stops making sense. you can get help for yourself and make sense of life again. for information, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. >> chris: china is refusing to confirm it's dropped the opposition to new sanctions against iran. china's foreign minister met today in beijing with iran's top nuclear negotiator. u.s. officials say the chinese have agreed to discuss a u.n. security
they're with wall street or whether they're with main street and the rest of america. so they're framing this very much as an anti-wall street vote. this was very, very good and unexpected news for the obama administration today. >> ben, if you could make your answer short, we don't have much time. the s.e.c. is looking at other firms too. how big could this blow up on wall street? >> it could blow up very big. the double dealing here could be very, very big, and the republicans are making a huge mistake fighting against this bill. >> all right, thanks to both of you. we'll hear a lot more about this in the days to come, and we'll talk more about goldman sachs with california's attorney general, jerry brown. >>> also, the catholic sexual abuse scandal. an american priest who says pope benedict should quit, in a moment. ♪ [ researcher ] if you're using the leading sensitivity toothpaste, you may be missing some of the protection you need for a healthy mouth. with crest pro-health toothpastes, you don't need to make that trade-off. [ sela ] crest pro-health is the first and on
:00 in baltimore. before coming to the oldest archdiocese in america, he served as the first ever beneficial of orlando. the people who knew him well had nothing but nice things to say about the archbishop. >> his 96 years were filled with tremendous joy, generosity, sharing, loving, love of church, a love of people. he was a good man. he was a really good humble man. >> borders served as the archbishop of baltimore from 1974 until 8989 when he retired. he passed away this week from colon cancer. >>> and now to a developing story. the state's board of elections is asking the state prosecutor to investigate whether a prince george's county lawmaker improperly used campaign funds for his personal expenses. the board says it was not satisfied with explanations for nearly $54,000 in expenditures examined in an for -- improperly used his office to benefit a grocery chain without disclosing that he was receiving consultant fees from that chain. no charges have been brought about in the case yet. >>> a homeless man was sentenced to nine months in jail today after he stole a plane, drove it -- and
on all this protection stuff and financial reform is everybody in america, you're on your own, protect yourself, don't do an investment unless you understand it. >> if you e-fe oe-file, within hours after you receive that they got your e-file, you can type in the search window, where is my money? you will need your social security number, filing status. >> and exact amount of your refund. >> you can get instant feedback. let's talk about survey that was conducted. big research outlets asking people, do you believe u.s. government is wildly spending your tax dollars? in general what do people say? >> 12.4% said yes. 87.6% of the people surveyed said no, they are not using it well. they have priorities for those tax dollars that makes so much sense, but washington isn't listening. >> big research out of ohio did it exclusively for us, for the dolans and our cnn segment. 18% said we want a comprehensive -- number one choice, by the way, 18.6% said we want a comprehensive jobs program for the millions of unemployed americans. >> 16.7% want to reduce the budget deficit. >> also 16.7% say, p
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: hello, america. on monday, i gave you a story and explained if you can't have financial regulation done, by honest people, you shouldn't have it done. it's done by crooks and thieves that we currently have in washington. the best way i can explain this when i got together with my staff this morning i said can you give me footage of george clooney in "oceans 11." this is my favorite movie. george clooney, "oceans 11." do you remember the scene? andy garcia character runs a casino. he's in the vaults where you cannot steal any of the money from all the casinos. well, they find out that somebody is stealing it so he calls the police. in this movie, he wasn't calling the police. he was calling these guys. he thought they were the police, but they weren't. it was the crooks. george clooney's crewny dressed -- crew dressed as cops. they rigged the phone life. he called the robbers to come and help stop the crime they were committing. so, here is andy garcia. this is us. this is our financial scandal. do you remember this? that is the day that so many people lost their life savings. scandal. w
>>> good morning, america, on this thursday, april 1st. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, the rain may be over, but the waters rise even higher over homes and shopping malls drowning almost an entire state. >> there's fish in my basement, fish in miy basement right now, fish. >> the pope calls the vatican scandal a test for his church as brian ross reports on new allegations this holy thursday morning. did this church leader try to buy his way out of trouble? >>> the rap star versus the republican. out of trouble? l.l. cool j takes on sarah palin. why he's accusing her of failing to promote a new show. >> the big leaguer whose foul ball rocketed into the stands hit his mother. we're going to hear from him this morning. >>> what are the chances you e are's going to hit your own mom in the stands like this. >> it was just a heart-stopping moment. denard span says he just froze when he heard it hit his mom. >> she's okay, though. >> she is okay. he's okay. he's actually been having a terrific spring but said it was a very, very bad day. thank g
that seaworld brings to america. obviously a lot of kids going on sprang brick. that kind of stuff. you think of seaworld as the wail wh whales and all that and shamu. >> thinking they're going to fly off but they don't fly. >> they don't fly. >> you dressed for the occasion. you match the penguins. now, tell us, laura is from seaworld. tell us about these penguins. why are they here? particular type of pen gguipeng >> they're from south america. >> they're not the cold ones. >> not the really cold ones. and we're going to just set her next to her buddy here. and being that they're the temporate species they're able to travel. they're able to just promote the park and let people know that we do have marine mammals but we also have penguins and many other bird species and mammal species. >> these two are life mates. >> they are. >> and this is -- this is what happens with these particular penguins? >> yes, it can. they also are very nest site specific so they'll come back to the same one year after year. >> show that. i have this. i just want to put it. people think of penguins being in antarc
: as america becomes more permissive do parents know what is happening on spring break. >> people come here to lose their virginity. >> bill: we'll have a special report. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the government wants your money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo as we have been reporting america is broke. not only do the feds owe $13 trillion but cities and towns all over the u.s.a. are going bankrupt. for example in los angeles, murder investigations have stopped as detectives are being sent home to balance out overtime costs. in ohio, ashtabula county authorities have cut so many cops from the payroll they are telling citizens to arm themselves that they can't protect them. in colorado springs, a third of the streetlights have been turned off. residents are being asked to donate money to get the lights back on. and in chicago heights, illinois, emergency services may charge you if you need help. recently a guy involved in an accident, not his fault, wa
america everywhere... from the battlespace to cyberspace. around the globe, the people of boeing are working together, to give our best for america's best. that's why we're here. ♪ holy thursday to the world's priests. >> may they come closer to christ for hope, reconciliation and peace. >> in addition to signal the support of the clergy, they're striking back at critics. vatican spokesman attacked "the new york times" for its reporting on vatican abuse within the milwaukee diocese. they reported that a 1963 letter to then pope paul vi indicates the vatican was aware of clergy abuse in the united states nearly five decades allege. we're joined by raymond fliynn, former u.s. ambassador to the vatican. what do you make of these new documents the associated press got that show the vatican was aware of this nearly 50 years ago? >> it clearly indicates to me that more should have been done at the local level in the catholic church in these referrals to the vatican, because that's where the local jurisdiction should reside, should rest. look, the vatican is inundated with matters fro
powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> good afternoon. i'm dylan ratigan. today the washington summit in washington. treaties are abundant these days but do they help fight terrorist? i don't know. can diplomatic agreements stop the likes of al qaeda from getting their hands on nukes? plus, clear skies and sunshine. that's a conventional wisdom for our nation's economic forecast today. look at the magazines. look at the indexes. dow above 11,000. looking good. we'll explain how that is happening and what it really means in the moments to come and conan o'brien with a brand new gig and a good one at that. the show starts right now. >>> good monday afternoon to you. before we get into america today, can we just take a second here and share with each other how much fun it was to have the governor for a couple days hosting this tv show asking questions. thank you, governor. we hope to see you soon. in our country you're hearing about nukes the past few days. more nukes here and there. treaties here and there and stopping
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with america, a set of specific proposals from the republican party, that were, released about six weeks before the '94 mid-term elections. and guess what happened? the house of representatives flipped from democrats to republicans for the first time in 40 years. there is a precedent here for the republican party to run on ideas. >> yeah, i couldn't agree more. and the end the mediocrity of some of these proposals, strikes me that there's a huge opportunity to call out the democrats for all of their accommodations to special interests and do it better and more efficiency. congressman paul, am i naive or dilutional? or is there a huge opportunity for the republicans to actually achieve relate health reform, to actually achieve real energy independents, to actually achieve real restoration of the banking regulation to the satisfaction of the american people? >> caller: well, you would think so. but i'm not convinced yet. the republicans are real good at stating that they're for limited government. and i think the people who are so upset now are upset with the government and its ineptness. but unf
. and there's nobody in america who thinks that fossil fuels are going to go away even as we try to become -- >> this is a smart, down-the-middle thing, do you agree? >> absolutely. smart move politically, not only for the reason that steve laid out. but he needs to do this now if he has any hope of picking up moderate republicans to support his cap-and-trade legislation and as we head into summer, gas prices spike. if he wasn't doing something to show that he was alleviating the supply-and-problem that causes the fluctuation, he'd have a huge political target around his tech. >> you start drilling now, you get the gas in three or four years. but someday we may be in a society where our cars are powered by wind and sun. but there's going to be a point where we're going to run out of gas and we want to have the offshore potential, right? >> right. i think most american people want all energy solutions on the table. >> he's going to be leader of the country now. i think he's got to do things like afghanistan and this and debt reduction, thinks that you like. i'm with him, too. thank you, ste
to raise capital and get loans and invest their savings. that's part of what has made america what it is. but a free market was never meant to be a free license to take whatever you can get however you can get it. >> among the changes the president insists on as necessary, a protection system in the event a large firm begins to fail, imposing limits on the size of banks and the risks they take, new transparency rules for derivatives and other complicated financial instruments, and interest strong consumer financial protections. the president also urged wall street to stop fighting against reforms. nbc's ron allen watched the president's speech with traders on the floor of the new york stock exchange. ron, what did you hear from the people there? >> reporter: well, i think a lot of people were pleased that the president in their estimation seemed to moderate his tone a little bit. they say that they're tired and hope we can get past all the main street versus wall street rhetoric but they recognize here or they at least see it here as politics and they try to focus on the real business as
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stranded in america and asia. we also understand we are talking about at least 70,000 british people on top of that other north european use of spain as a hub to get home. we understand there's a 15% increase in demand for services already with a huge increase in the number of passengers from madrid and barcelona to paris and four passengers hoping to get on from there, passengers doing whatever they can to get to northern europe. >> it does sound like a ray of hope for many passengers, but the logistical challenge of being that hub is massive, is it not? >> it is. at the moment we do not have any concrete information on how it would work. they will be discussing that amongst other things that a meeting of eu transport ministers. it will be a video conference, of course, as the ministers cannot physically meet at the moment. that is the main discussion, how they can possibly help in terms of getting passengers back from northern europe. there are already hundreds of thousands of people stranded here in spain itself. at least 40,000 british citizens are in spain trying to get home at the mom
. >>> soda making america's belts and buttons pop. wait until you see if there is a curtail to the sodas. would you mind paying a bit more to hydrate. >>. [ singing in spanish ] >>> mexico's bloody cartel war celebrated in song. music and lyrics by "grim reality." take everything you thought about gangster rap and toss it out the window. >>> remember, the best defense is a good avenues. the vatican says the catholic church reals frin germany telephone hotline for those abused by priests. will victims turn to the institution that betrayed their trust in the first place? frederick plakan is there with details and deana in rome. >>> the vatican has been criticizing the media in recent days for what they are calling an attempt to smear the pope's name. this is the first time we have seen a comprehensive rebuttal of some of the points raised in the media and specifically in "the new york times" in relation to the case of father lawrence murphy who abused deaf boys in the united states in the '50s and '60s. "the new york times" alleged that the decision not to defrock father murphy in 1996 whe
the president. look, free speech is supposed to be alive and well in the united states of america, condemning violence-- >> it is. >> condemning vandalism we all do, but to say that sarah palin and the tea party movement is responsible for vandalism or threats is just a way to dismiss the american people and just dissatisfaction with the health care bill. >> so, jim, i'm going to turn to you first. seems that the mainstream media has been on a rampage the past week to tie sarah palin and tea partiers to violence, do you agree? >> i do agree and i don't think it's an accurate assessment of either palin or who's driving the opposition to the health care bill. the cbs poll must have killed them to release this showed by 34-53, the american people support-- oppose-- so 34% support. 53% oppose. usa today and gallop, americans think the democrats are to blame for the divisive discussion, the democrats usa today and gallop so that's three major polling operations all showing that the majority is with palin and against matt lauer, et al. >> kelly: at the same time at a dnc fund raising, the tea party
in the health care law that are going to essentially cost america jobs. i think we can expect to hear the president, not surprisingly, to consider that. the statistic you often hear from the administration, one year ago at the depths of the great recession, this country was losing 750,000 jobs a month. a total of 8 million jobs lost during the economic downturn. now today's news, good news in the respect that they are in positive territory in terms of job growth. 162,000, as you were pointing out, a quarter of those due to the census. christina romer, chairman of council of economic advisers at the white house said a lot of people off not looking for jobs now reentering the workforce, remaining steady at 9.7. that's what eric cantor and john boehner seized on. the static number, 9.7%. you pointed out, even the president's own economic forecast does not anticipate that coming down before the elections, to choose a date out of the air, in november. a recipient of $50 million in stimulus money, they make lithium ion batteries, they say that stimulus money, when all is said and done, it w
on "america live" now. >>> we begin with a fox news alert, democrats, slapping down a gop request to delay hearings for the president's controversial nominee to a federal appeals court, a man who some believe might ultimately get a nomination to the u.s. supreme court. republicans very worried now about goodwin liu, a berkeley law professor, now up for a seat on one of the country's most liberal courts of appeals, the ninth circuit. senators say when liu submitted qualifications for the bench he failed to disclose more than 100 speeches, publications and other background materials, materials that he only just now just disclosed because they say he was forced to by objecting republicans. now we get word from the senate judiciary committee this hearing will not be postponed again, that they will go forward with this nomination of goodwinliu. why is this man so yntual in >> reporter: by all accounts, both conservatives and liberals agree this guy is brilliant, a rhodes scholar, assistant to justice ginsburg, but they say he's going to be a legislative judge of the highest order. here's how he
a wonderful weekend. thank you for joining us. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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are lucky to be in america and have religious redom. i'm proud of that and i'm proud that my kids are american. >> reporter: but if convicted, umar farooq and his four friends will spend the rest of their lives imprisoned in pakistan, a country where militants continue to plan attacks on the united states. nick schifrin, abc news, sargodha, pakistan. >>> in china today divers entered a flooded coal mine where 153 miners have been trapped since last sunday. yesterday some tapping was heard but not today and the divers were not able to reach the area where the men are. china's coal mines are notoriously dangerous. thousands die there every year. >>> and coming up here on "world news" this saturday, after bullying drove a 15-year-old girl to commit suicide, one city's campaign to protect its students from such abuse but can anyone stop the epidemic online? >>> real wars. why are those 3-d movies so expensive? it turns out to be supply and demand. too many movies, too few screens. >>> and butler university has beaten the odds to make it to the final four and so has the team's biggest
letterman for the second half-hour. coming up on "good morning america" there will be a full report on the stock market surge and whether there is still could be collapse. >> it is 6:21 at 53 degrees. >> coming up next, new health warnings for women, something raising your risk for heart disease in your diet. >> superstar mary j. blige brings down the house on "the oprah winfrey show" and takes cameras back to the neighborhood she grew up been. that's at 4:00. >> there's new research suggesting that women should stay away from carbohydrates. women eating white bread, white rice, pizza are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease as women not eating these foods. men eating lots of carbohydrates do not have the same increased risk, however. researchers say this is because their bodies process carbohydrates differently. >>> dinara toddler might do more harm than good. when 3-year-old children are spanked often, they are twice as likely to show aggressive behavior two years later. surveys have shown most parents approve of spanking as punishment. but child care experts encoura
an exclusive sneak peek. so, is apple the smartest company in america? >>> and, the palin effect. where she goes, crowds and controversy often follow. and soon, cameras will, too. from fox to discovery, sarah palin is everywhere. is this a new path to the white house? >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," march 31st, 2010. >> good evening. we begin tonight with renewed controversy facing the catholic church. no pope has resigned his position since the 1h century. but if some critics have their way, that's exactly what the pope would do. this holy week has seen him defending the vatican and himself against allegations that he knew about and failed to act on sexual abuse by priests years ago. but in one major scandal, his role may have been far more complicated than that, as our chief investigative correspondent brian ross reports. brian? >> reporter: cynthia, with growing questions about the role of pope benbenedict, there is n attention to his handling of probably the most e agree jous
beat a student with batons. was a cop somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes rely a mark on the environment. ana country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >> the university of maryland is reacting to video of a student being beaten by police officers. >> and julie parker continues our coverage on it is a story that you will only see on abc 7. she is live now from college park with campus reaction. >> we would like to advise parents that if your children are in the room right now, you might want to ask them to leave. this video is a graphic. it features images that multiple is students say they sought repeatedly the night of a riot. >> watched the student and a light-colored pants by the wall. he is walking along, until he realizes that the mounted police officer is in front of him. within sec
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